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2003-11-02 - 4:36 a.m.

Our name in print, in the music listings of the Guide for the gig at the Rhythm Factory. So far, so good.

Unfortunately the following description read: �Glasweigan indie collective.�

I�ve read all kinds of inaccurate descriptions of Snowpony, in fact I�ve probably given a few myself, but apparently it�s too late to get them to change it to �Sassenach rock'n'roll dictatorship� which would be more accurate.*

*not very much more accurate, but at least it sounds a bit less earnest.


Gee-Nah - 2004-01-06 11:18:47
hey! you should switch over to LiveJournal though unfortunately there is already someone with Snowpony as their username, apparently she is "The GothGirl". :rollseyes: anyways yeah LJ is the happening place. let us know if you want a code to register... heh i'd have commented long ago but only found your diary today as i was googling for the lyrics to "Love Letters". *sigh*
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